Viagra makes men more loving

How viagra makes men loving as well as lusty

Anti-impotence drugs can turn men into more loving partners, new research suggests.

As well as its original aim of improving sexual performance, Viagra boosts levels of a "cuddle chemical" in the brain that increases a man's love for his partner.

Scientists have found that the little blue pill stimulates production of the love hormone oxytocin, which is believed to promote romantic feelings and bonding between couples.

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'Viagra may make a man more loving as well as improve his physical performance'

The chemical is released during orgasm and also has an important role in social interaction, childbirth and breastfeeding.

The discovery that anti-impotence drugs can also make men love their women more was made by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US.

Study leader Proefssor Meyer Jackson, said: "This is one piece in a puzzle in which many pieces are still not available.

"But it raises the possibility that erectile dysfunction drugs could be doing more than just affecting erectile dysfunction."

Viagra overcomes impotence by blocking phosphodiesterase type 5, a chemical that limits blood flow. Scientists have now discovered that this chemical also regulates the release of 'love hormones' in the brain.

Viagra: boosts levels of a 'cuddle chemical' in the brain

It means that Viagra effectively stimulates the brain to pump out more of this love chemical.

However, Professor Jackson warns that Viagra cannot make a man love a woman he has no feelings for. There has to be some affection there to start with.

"Erectile dysfunction drugs do not induce erections spontaneously, they enhance the response to sexual stimulation," he said.

"The same thing is happening in the posterior pituitary - Viagra will not induce the release of oxytocin on its own, but it will enhance the amount of release you get in response to electrical stimulation.

"I think this is a missing link in terms of trying to sort out the issues around whether there are additional effects of phoshodiesterase type 5 inhibitors."

Two other drugs, Levitra and cialis, work in the same way by blocking the same enzyme - meaning they are likely also to increase levels of love chemicals in men.

The discovery, to be published in the Journal of Psychology, was made by measuring levels of oxytocin produced by rats.

When the rats' pituitary glands were exposed to Viagra, they released three times more oxytocin than they did without the drug.

Professor Jackson said because oxytocin is well-known for its ability to promote the forging of strong social bonds, it may also provdie a biological explanation for why people fall in love, especially after sex.

The study is one of many investigating the beneficial side-effects of anti-impotence drugs. Another recent study has shown that Viagra helps hamsters overcome jetlag. But Argentinian scientsists found it only applied to flights going east.

A trial is underway to find out whether Viagra can help reduce the numbers of premature babies. Mums-to-be are being given the drug to increase the blood supply to the womb, allowing the baby to get all the nutrients they need.

And another study is looking at whether the drug can be used to help men with chronic hip pain.

Birthday Song for Seamhead

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Happy 37th birthday to my big (some would say big-headed) brother! You are approaching middle age at a rate similar to the rate at which our natural resources here on earth are diminishing (damn fast!) and physically are not what you used to be (surely you've perceived this). But fear not, there are ways to overcome the limitations of your age and the inevitable mental and physical deterioration. My song for you:


I'm in love with a girl that I just met
She makes my heart pound and my palms sweat
She gets my motor to racing fast
I think this love is gonna last

When we're together nothing goes wrong
Her love keeps me going strong
She gets me hot when the lights go out
She taught me what real love is about

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
When I'm with you love sure feels right
Since I found you I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never knew I could

This love of mine makes everything new
And if you had her you'd feel it too
I don't care if she takes all my money
Cause her lovin makes me feel like I'm twenty

Now she and I, we make a strange pair
And sometimes when we're out, people stare
But I don't care what those people say
Her lovin takes my breath away

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
When I'm with you love sure feels right
Since I found you, I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never thought I would

Well, getting older ain't no fun
But with you, baby, I get things done
And I know your love will stick around
Until I'm six feet under the ground

Cialis you keep me rockin all night
And lovin you, it sure feels right
Since I met you, I've been feelin so good
Doin things I never knew I could

Repeat as many times as you like, but if the song lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention!

Health and Fitness.

Well - Tara Parker-Pope on Health
April 4, 2011, 2:45 PM

Regular Fasting May Boost Heart Health

Regular fasting may be good for your heart.

That’s the finding of a new study from doctors in Utah who looked at the relationship between periodic fasting and cardiovascular disease. The researchers interviewed 200 patients who were undergoing a diagnostic test called angiography, an X-ray exam of the blood vessels and heart chambers that can determine if a person has coronary heart disease.

The patients were asked if they engaged in regular fasting, and the researchers compared the answers to whether they eventually received a diagnosis of heart disease. Because about 90 percent of the patients were Mormons, a faith that encourages its members to fast for one day a month, the doctors expected to find a relatively high rate of regular fasting among the study participants.

The researchers found that people who fasted regularly had a 58 percent lower risk of coronary disease compared with those who said they didn’t fast, according to the report presented at the American College of Cardiology conference in New Orleans this week.

The study showed only an association between fasting and better heart order cialis, which means it’s possible that fasting may not have a direct effect but might just be more common among people who are healthier to begin with. Devout Mormons, for instance, abstain from alcohol, smoking and caffeine, which are all factors that could affect heart cheap cialis.

But the researchers say the findings are important because they affirm the results of an earlier, larger study, published in 2008 in The American Journal of Cardiology, that found a similar association between fasting and heart disease among 448 patients.

“The first study we did was not a chance finding,’’ said Dr. Benjamin D. Horne, director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology for Intermountain Healthcare, a health services and managed care firm in Salt Lake City. “We were able to replicate the findings and show that people who fast routinely have a lower prevalence of coronary disease.’’

The downside of the study is that it didn’t ask for specific details on the type and duration of fasting among the patients. However, preliminary interviews suggest that the most common form of fasting involved a monthly ritual of abstaining from all food and drinking only water for 24 hours.

A second, smaller study conducted by the same research team suggests that the effects of fasting aren’t just about having an overall healthy lifestyle, but that abstaining from food on a regular basis leads to metabolic changes that are good for the heart.

For that research, also presented at the New Orleans conference, 30 patients were asked to fast for 24 hours with water only. The scientists used blood tests before and after the fasting period to look at a number of different metabolic markers. Among other changes, they found that levels of human growth hormone, or HGH, surged after fasting — increasing 20 times in men and 13 times in women. The hormone is released by the body in times of starvation to protect lean muscle mass and trigger the body to start burning fat stores.

“There is a lot more to be done to fill in the research on the biological mechanism,’’ Dr. Horne said. “But what it does suggest is that fasting is not a marker for other healthy lifestyle behaviors. It appears to be that fasting is causing some major stress, and the body responds to that by some protective mechanisms that potentially have a beneficial long-term effect on risk of chronic disease.”

Dr. Horne noted that patients shouldn’t take up fasting without discussing it first with their doctor. Any fast should include water because dehydration can raise risk for stroke. He said the group was planning additional research into the potential health effects of regular fasting